Hi All

I just wanted to let everyone know that a little while ago we had a problem with several individuals riding motorbikes through outdoor recess at Maplewood. The individuals, who were dressed in typical riding gear and helmets, did not respond to the custodian's request to leave the grounds. Instead, they turned their bikes and rode through the recess fields. While no one was hurt and no contact made, the seriousness of the incident caused a recess paraprofessional to immediately call the police. We are concerned with this incident which might coincide with previous motorbike activity on our grounds (usually during the evening hours).

We are working with the police in an effort to identify these individuals and of course prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. We are also increasing our vigilance on the grounds during recess to ensure that the motorbike riders pose no danger to our students or staff. Dr. D’Elia has sent a phone message to MW parents and we will also be reaching out to the community in the hopes of garnering information regarding the identity of these riders.

Thanks and be well.

Dave Bennardo