Exciting News From Our Wildcat Marching Band

Marching Band Car Wash Flea Market Fundraiser
Marching Band Car Wash Flea Market Fundraiser

You can support the marching band cause and have a great lunch/dinner by visiting Mario's on August 26th from 11AM-10PM.  Simply show the attached flier, enjoy your meal, and know that you are helping our students shine.

The excitement continues on September 9th and 10th with auditions for our upcoming Wildcat Marching Band "Who's Got Talent" Competition.  This audition, which will be held from 5-8PM in Room 224 at WWHS provides participants a chance to be included in our Friday, October 22nd District-Wide Talent Show. 

Those interested in auditioning can email: bpa@wwhsmb.com with your name, date you would like to audition, and a brief description of your act.  You will receive a return email with your audition time. Please be prepared to pay the nominal $5 registration fee at the audition.  Additional information is included on the attached flier.