Otto Kahn Scholarship Goes To Whitman Artist

OHEKA owner Gary Melius presents an Otto Kahn Scholarship to Dana Roach.
OHEKA owner Gary Melius presents an Otto Kahn Scholarship to Dana Roach.

The Friends of OHEKA held their annual Garden Party on Wednesday evening celebrating 32 years of growth since owner Gary Melius discovered the dilapidated castle and began restoring it to the splendor of the Great Gatsby era. Congratulations to Walt Whitman’s Jazz Band, led by Mr. Allan Deitz, and our Chamber Orchestra led by Mr. Frank Yolango who set the tone for the evening with their incredibly talented musicians.

A large part of the evening was dedicated to the Otto Kahn Scholarship Awards and we are proud to announce that Walt Whitman student Dana Roach was one of this year’s recipients.

These awards honor Otto Kahn’s love and contribution to the arts. Congratulations to Dana Roach who will be attending the Alfred University School of Art & Design in the fall. “In art school I hope to acquire a strong foundation, balancing knowledge with new skills,” said Dana. “I want to inspire change and create happiness with my art.” Dana’s art teacher at Whitman, Ms. Verna Amakawa had nothing but praise for her talented student. “Dana’s commitment to her art is so deeply imbedded in her very being," said Ms. Amakawa. “This is not just a student furthering her art studies but someone whose very heart and soul is that of an artist who lives and breathes it through sincere dedication.”

Congratulations Dana Roach!