Haitian Heritage Highlighted


The Haitian-American students at Walt Whitman High School are proud of their heritage and today, May 18, is Haitian Flag Day.  This morning during announcements students read a poem and throughout the day are sharing with classmates the significance of this day.  The Red and Blue Haitian flag has a set of symbols that create their "Coats of Arms."  The Coat of Arms depicts a trophy of weapons ready to defend freedom and a royal palm tree for independence. The palm is topped by the Cap of Liberty.  The Haitian flag's origin is tightly linked to a history of struggle for freedom.

Thank you Psychology Intern Ms. Soraya Bonny, Mathematics teacher Mr. Malaury Samedy, and especially to our students: Abdjine Lemaitre, Elisabeth Auguste, Meghann Alphonse, Cindy Richard, Rose Saint Charles, Narenghie Ladonis, Djounlie Dormilien, Weed Florvil, and Thayler Guirand.