Grease Delights PAC Audiences


We were fortunate last weekend to enjoy a full dose of the talent, energy, and commitment to service that characterizes our school community. Friday and Saturday brought overwhelming success as our Theater Honor Society presented “Grease” for fortunate audiences to enjoy. The music, choreography, and acting were absolutely brilliant, and applause filled the Performing Arts Center for three fantastic performances. We join in congratulating our talented cast and crew, as well as the dedicated advisor, Ms. Cheryl Irizarry, who helped facilitate the show.

CAST:  Trevor Ewald, Caitlin Dermody, Taninna Oukacine, Tyler Zioli, Ben Morales, Sam Hoffman, Marco Chiriboga, Lauren Giglio, Leanne Haddock, Chelsea Saccente, Samantha Ruotolo, Carlos Villatoro, Nicholas Magnus, Megan Montemurro, Thomas Foley, Melanie Olinsky

ENSEMBLE:  Jessica Menditto, Milly Le Claire, Erin Haddock, Delaney Guiliano, Audreiana Lesty, Haley Davis, Samantha Hartig, Holly Fontanetta, Liora Hyman

DANCERS:Melanie Olinsky, Caroline Tomaselli, Kelsy Mc Donald, Lizzie Mercurio, Gary Cisneros

DIRECTOR: Marina Kopf

VOCAL DIRECTOR: Olivia Banting


STAGE MANAGER:  Anthony Padinha

SETS:  Donald La Bianca

LIGHTS:  Robert Kraehkl


PIT ORCHESTRA:  Nicole Grennan, Keya Bartolomeo, Max Eidinoff, Nick Miata, Jack Zuckerberg, Derek Lap, Isaac Renderos

MINI-MAC GIRLS:  Haley Tract, Sabrina Greenberg

CREW:  Amina Sadiq, Mollie Korn, Adrianna Padinha, Nick Mc Nulty, Katie Clark, Josh Berger, Jessica Rastu, Leah Cozart, Paul Lahm, Zoey Bianco, Casey Iannuzzi, Natalie Hayes, Samson Grimm, Jared Saget, Marilyn Martinez, Jessica Delaney, Hans Bas, Lina Weingarten, Brittany Roche, Matthew Bromschwig, Michael Di Maulo, and Jenny Catron. 

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