Plenty of Talent at Countrywood


If you have ever wondered where our wonderfully talented students may get their spark from? You didn’t have to look much further than Whitman’s Performing Arts Center this past Friday night. Countywood’s Got Talent featured 44 second-graders who all performed with incredible talent and poise on the big stage.  Thank you Countywood music teacher Adam Slawitsky for all your work inspiring and cultivating our students.

Performers from the following classes included:

From Mrs. Zisel's Class- Sienna Leaver, Sienna Long, Isabella Weber, and Theo Martinez. From Mrs. Merola's Class- Natalie Harrison, Grace Davis, Giuliana McGuigan, and Stephanie Shef. From Mrs. Burr's Class- Rachael Masaya, and Christina Thayil. From Mrs. Kapps/Ms. Winkoff's Class- Grace Saks. From Mrs. Covington/Mrs. DiNorcia's Class- Jack Marr, Lily Brown, Jackson Dillon, Julia Dean, Marisa Castillo, Leah Linsner, Lillian Fleischer, Nathan Goldberg, Nathan Lublin, Bianca Recinos Romero, Delmy Garcia, and Aaron Cimadevilla. From Mrs. Wright's Class- Brantlin Fliedner, Brianna Boyce, Delia Miles, Samantha Green, Anjanelle Hall, and Brooke Werle. From Mrs. Nicolino/Mrs. Sullivan's Class- Ava Hedstrom, Tatiana Cote, Kylie Koo, Danny Vasquez, Sam Lipson, and Anna Sabellico. From Mrs. Wilcox's Class- Joseph Maye. From Mrs. Crocco's Class- Sara Duffy, Ayeesha Alam, Sofia Reichhold, Leah LaMay, and Amy Arteaga.

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