Dear Parents and Families

We hope this note finds you well. As we are all most surely aware, tomorrow (Tuesday) is the first day of New York State grade 3-8 assessments. While this year's test administration is characterized by unprecedented media attention and political debate, we remain committed to maintaining a supportive, professional environment that respects the rights of all children and parents in our community. We fully understand that there are parents who are committed to not having their children participate in these exams. Conversely, there are families who very much want their children to take the assessments and expect us to proceed accordingly. We have every confidence, that regardless of one's decision, the members of our school community will respect their neighbor's wishes and recognize the intensely personal nature of the choice. As a school district, we will continue to treat all students and parents with respect regardless of their personal testing decision. To this end, we will be setting up a separate area, where children can read or do independent work in each building for those students who are not taking the exams. This will provide a traditional testing environment for those students who are taking the assessments and minimize the discomfort for children regardless of their test taking status. Those parents who have submitted letters or emails instructing that their children not take the test will have their wishes respected, and those communications will serve as official confirmation of test refusal.

We wish all of those students who are taking the exams well and remind them to get a good nights sleep, eat a sound breakfast, and do their very best.

Thank you all for your cooperation.


The District and Building Administrative Team