Maplewood's Tom Keogh Wins Technology Award

Left to right: Principal Vito D’Elia congratulates his award-winning teacher Tom Keogh.
Left to right: Principal Vito D’Elia congratulates his award-winning teacher Tom Keogh.

Congratulations to Maplewood teacher Tom Keogh who was awarded the Model Schools Teacher technology innovation award from Western Suffolk BOCES. This award is a Teacher Technology Innovation Grant that is awarded to a teacher who: leverages technology to transform education to improve the learning and lives of students, according to the BOCES Model Schools mission statement. 

The Maplewood fourth-grade teacher was recognized for his use of Brain Pop activities in stimulating student creativity and spring-boarding into important instructional aims. “Mr. Keogh runs an amazing integrated inclusion program with teaching partner Ms. Patino that incorporates the use of cutting-edge technology into their instructional program,” said Maplewood Principal Mr. Vito D’Elia. This award and special recognition comes with a $1,000 grant that can be used to advance technology initiatives in our district. “The students have really benefitted from Mr. Keogh’s guidance and instruction, so I’m not surprised that he is recognized by the Model Schools Program for his integration of technology into the classroom,” added Principal D’Elia.

"Brain Pop is one of several programs I like to use in my classroom because it allows students the ability for creative freedom within an instructional program,” said Mr. Keogh. “I can set learning targets and then monitor and make sure students meet their target.” Many of the new programs available to educators give teachers instant feedback on how their students are performing and create activities in a really fun way, so students are looking forward to going on their iPads or Chromebooks to learn. The iPad cart at Maplewood is a self-charging secure traveling system, stocked with 30 iPads, all courtesy of a SHEF Grant.

Kahoot is another popular program that students enjoy and are now asking for. Through the creation of a trusted learning space, educational content is delivered by asking meaningful questions in real-time, creating a social, fun and game-like environment. “With Kahoot, I can create my own quizzes or use premade templates that are very visual with music that creates a fun learning environment,” said Mr. Keogh. Students are also learning Google Docs that enable them to work in a single document with teammates or students outside of their group as they learn. “Technology really helps me access a student’s needs and I can direct the curriculum in a way that most benefits that student,” said Mr. Keogh.

Congratulations Mr. Tom Keogh!