Good morning, Due to the severe weather the Maplewood Fundraiser is being rescheduled for TOMORROW, FRIDAY, March 6, 2015 from 6:30-10:00. Please pass along this information to your friends and families.
Please note some important information:
1. If you have purchased tickets for the event and are able to attend tomorrow, you need not contact us, we will see you tomorrow and we thank you for your understanding.
2. If you have purchased tickets and are NOT able to attend tomorrow, please call Laura Morelli at 631-547-9112 or e-mail at We can convert your ticket into a $50 raffle bundle, we would need you to make your raffle selections so we could place your tickets accordingly. The complete basket list is posted on the e-board.
3. If you DID NOT purchase tickets for the event and NOW will be able to attend the rescheduled date please contact Josie Todaro at  631-425-4887 we welcome more attendees.
We hope to see you all at the Manor! This wonderful event fully supports our children's cultural arts programs! Again, we thank you for your understanding.
Laura Morelli