65th Annual Girls' Sports Night

Out of the eight events of the evening, dodgeball is always a heated battle.
Out of the eight events of the evening, dodgeball is always a heated battle.

The Walt Whitman Girls Leaders Organization (GLO) held their 65th Annual Girls' Sports Night on Thursday, February 26th, and the north gymnasium was electric. The competition was heated as Maroon battled White with everyone winning in the end. Don't miss the slide show at the end.

A welcome message from GLO President and Vice President Kathryn Marchesiello and Maureen Leiva:

For the past 65 years, the Girls Leaders Organization has worked vigorously to put together Girls Sports Night. Originally, GSN gave young women the opportunity to participate in athletics that were only available to males. However, as the years progressed and girl’s teams were established, we still keep the tradition alive.

The officiating organization has always been the Girls Leaders Organization. The criteria to being inducted includes; high academic achievement, participation in varsity athletics, hours of community service, as well as dedication to the club and its activities and events. Some of our community service includes; Breast Cancer Awareness, Pumpkins Patch for Disabled Children, Thanksgiving food drive, Toys for Tots for the Dolan Center, and St. Baldrick’s.

After three long months of hard work and dedication, we have seen our girls leaders truly grow into becoming young women and role models. All of our captains have put in numerous hours to make this night possible. Their work has truly paid off and has not gone unnoticed. To the girls participating, we hope you had fun, and continue to participate in the following years.  We would also like to extend a big thank you to our parents for your endless support and love.  We thank you for shuffling us around to our practices.

We would also like to thank Mrs. Mahoney, our advisor, for all the work she puts into GLO and GSN.  Anything we have done and will do in the future would not be possible without you!

We hope you enjoy the night,

Love Always, Kathryn Marchesiello and Maureen Leiva


Girls Leaders Organization

President Vice Presidents Advisor

Kathryn Marchesiello Maureen Leiva Mrs. Mahoney


Treasurer Secretary Historian

Erin Diana Linda Powell Lauren King


Girls Sports Nights Captains

Maroon White


Calisthenics Catherine Aiello Kerry Conlon

Kimberly Belissimo Erin Diana

Cassie Eaches Amanda Glasser

Lauren Grosser Sarine Kabarijian                       

Ariel Khatchatourian Rosalie Libardi

Courtney Mayer Kayla Neiland

Natalie Migliore Shayna Pehel

Nicole Naughton Francine Sauer

Diana Ortega Ashley Weisser

Colleen Sweezey                                        

Cheerleading Brittany Aikhuele Colleen Harrington

Ashley Seebach Hannah Axmacher

Volleyball Abigail Daniels Lauren King

Dodge ball Abigail Daniels Laura Galligan

Ariel Khatchatourian Juliana Pasquarello

Sr. Musical Chairs Katelyn Neuman Alexis Darrow


Relay Nicole Rowe Linda Powell

Tug-of-war Mahum Siddiqui Christine McFelia                                   

Gracious thanks to…

•All of the custodial staff who made this night possible!

•Mr. Rogers and the Robotics Club for generously constructing our cheer boxes!

•All of the amazing proctors

•Our Secret Judges Panel

•All of our hardworking, and dedicated captains

•Chelsea Saccente for singing the national anthem

•The Board of Education

•Ms. Acker, Mrs. Grady, Mr. Varlamos, Dr. Muller, Ms. Murrell and Mr. Patronaggio for their continued support for Girls Sports Night as well as Girls Leaders!

•A special thanks to our Superintendent Dr. Bennardo and our Board of Directors!

•Lastly our handsome and appreciated boys helpers: 

Robby Senecal, Russell Kielawa, Jonathan Sparling, Sean Delle, Sean McEntee, Jameson Latko, Ben Castillo, Joe DiPiero, Ryan McAllister, Jon O’Toole, Julian Kleberg, Chad Maier, Joe Blackall, Blaise Davi, Collin Donovan, Michael Fiordalisi, and Jordan Aiken.

Thank you all so much for your help!

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