Hi All

We wanted to provide you a heads up on a situation.

Earlier today, we had a Kindergarten child at Countrywood find a 1 ½ inch by 1 ½ inch bag of what appears to be marijuana on the All Purpose Room floor of the school.  The students were entering the room for their rhythm and movement period when the child noticed the bag on the floor and turned it over to a paraprofessional.   This was the room’s first use for the day and the children in the immediate area appeared to have no knowledge of how the item made it to the All Purpose Room floor.   We have been in touch with the police and they will be taking possession of the bag and assisting with our investigation.

Obviously, we are very concerned over this type of item being found in any of our district buildings and particularly troubled over the discovery in a primary building.   Fortunately, everyone is safe, and the item has been turned over to the appropriate authorities.   Rest assured we are taking this matter seriously and investigating the situation.

Dave Bennardo

Barbara Kenney