Hi All

I must admit that there is a piece of me that wants desperately to stand on the table and shout "Can it just snow on a Saturday afternoon?" However, I realize that this proclamation would be less than productive and do little to manage the unpredictability of yet another uncertain Sunday night forecast.   The bottom line is that the numerous computer models, forecasters, and experts are inconclusive and we can expect to awake to anything from simple rain to a more complex rain/snow/ice mixture. The townships do not appear to have issued any type of emergency warnings as the rain/snow line is predicted to hold in the lower part of Connecticut. However, we are all aware of the precarious nature of Long Island North Shore weather and will have to monitor conditions very closely throughout the overnight hours and remain in contact with neighboring school districts as well as town and county officials.

Finally, please understand that school districts do not traditionally make calls to announce that school is proceeding on time as scheduled. Traditionally scheduled school days are in fact the expectation and various voicemails, snow chains, emergency contacts, etc. are designed to announce a modification of the school schedule. Each week, we receive numerous emails and calls asking why we haven't announced if school will be proceeding for the regularly scheduled time the next day. We try in these instances to explain that we do not interrupt your homes if things are status quo with a typical school opening. Our procedure is to draft a voice mail, send an email, and do a web and Facebook posting the moment we have any information contrary to a regularly scheduled school opening.

Thanks for your understanding and please be well. Let's hope for reasonable weather overnight.

Dave Bennardo