Hi All

I got a few calls stating that certain residents did not receive the email (below) that we sent at 12:48 this afternoon. We did a diagnostic check and found that 700 of our usual 8262 recipients are now blocked on the users end. Please check your settings to see if there is something that is now keeping you from receiving our emails.


Hi All

I just want to apprize you of a situation that has been handled at Silas Wood. A few moments ago someone saw writing that said there would be a bomb later in the day in a particular room. Fortunately, the room was unoccupied so we contacted law enforcement, and together swept every inch of the classroom. The room was found to be completely free of any inappropriate items and has been declared safe for occupancy by both law-enforcement and our administration. Classes are proceeding as normal and the police are compiling the sign in sheets and gathering evidence for a criminal investigation.

Fortunately, we were able to move quickly, keep everyone safe, and discredit the threat without giving into the nonsense of this type of behavior.

Dave Bennardo