STEM Competition @ Silas Wood


“This is so difficult.  It sounded like a cinch at first,” said a 6th grade science student as he attempted to get his teams structure to stand. Science classes at Silas Wood were all very busy this past fall as students worked with their classmates on an exciting STEM activity. Students were given the task of creating a freestanding structure using fifty straws and fifty paper clips. Students worked cooperatively in groups to build their structure so that it was not only freestanding but also as tall as they could make it.

Students applied their mathematical skills by using angles and measurements in their design. “I had a great time even though my group couldn't get our structure to stand up,” said a Silas Wood student. “In doing this project, we learned the importance of team work and communication to complete the task.”  The students also acted as engineers when designing the framework for their structure. "I can't believe that we used science and math in this one activity," said another 6th grader. Students enjoyed racing against the clock to complete this task in the thirty minutes they were given.

The team that was most successful at this task consisted of Leo, Faith, Sarah, Nilsen, Bill and Justin. Congratulations to all of our Silas Wood STEM students.

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