To Our Stimson Parents

We wanted to take a moment and share some thoughts and observations about today's procedures. The reality is that the need to take a quick peek in
over 700 backpacks and host assemblies for all students provided us with a unique opportunity to interact with the young people of our Stimson Middle School, and we were impressed beyond words at the numerous encounters. Your children were polite, cooperative, considerate, and remarkably mature.
They understood the need for the process and recognized the fact that we were all working towards a common goal. The bottom line is that your children represented their families with class and dignity, and you should be very proud.

While none of us would wish for or welcome the circumstances that brought us to this point, there is a silver lining in the collective work of our students, staff, and parents. Together, we will get through this and send yet another message that South Huntington in general and Stimson specifically are very special places.

Thanks again for having such great kids.

Be well,

Eddie Smith and Dave Bennardo