I would like to wish you all a warm, wonderful New Year. I hope 2015 is filled with good health and many blessings for your families. There are great things on the horizon for our South Huntington community as the dawning of a bright new year offers unprecedented hope. 2014 was unquestionably a year of powerful memories and our learning community has reason for broad smiles and deep reflection.  History has shown us that there is a bitter sweet nature to our human existence and the love and support that we shared during the tough moments made the good times that much richer to enjoy.

Our school district is blessed with wonderful students, dedicated staff members, supportive parents, and a caring community. This special combination will result in even greater success and fuel a continued renaissance throughout the district. 2015 holds limitless possibilities for the members of our learning family and we look forward to applauding continued success in the year to come.

Thank you again for providing me the privilege of being part of the South Huntington family.  

Be well,

Dave Bennardo