Hi All

We had several hundred students and parents come to Stimson for their belongings Friday evening and Saturday morning and we thank our families for their kind words and cooperation. It looks right now that about 80% of the items have been picked up. We will be at the building again on Monday morning and throughout the day to facilitate another round of pick-ups. At this point all classrooms are locked and personal belongings left exactly as they were on Friday for ease of retrieval.

We apologize again for the inconvenience this situation has caused our students, parents, and staff. An incident such as this is simply unacceptable and we will work with law-enforcement and our building team over this holiday break to develop an appropriate response. We will also work with our administrative and student services personnel to improve things such as traffic pattern flow relative to arriving police vehicles and the availability of items such as blankets in the event of a real emergency.

We will be in touch again towards the end of the holiday break as ideas and plans further crystallize.

Thank you again for your cooperation and support and have a wonderful weekend.

Dave Bennardo

Eddie Smith