Smart Athletes Found at Whitman


County or State Championships come our way every so often, but one award of distinction that Walt Whitman can hang their hat on, is their abundance of Scholar Teams.  No doubt about it…we have smart athletes, a lot of them. At the annual Fall Sports Awards held on December 2, South Huntington Athletic Director Dr. James Wright and honored guests congratulated student athletes for a variety of accomplishments during this past fall sports season. One group that stands tall each and every sports awards season is our Scholar Teams.

Congratulations to an amazing group of students who comprise the following Scholar Teams for this past fall season:

Boys Cross Country -96.22

Girls Tennis- 94.421

Girls Soccer- 94.100

Girls Cross Country- 93.956

Field Hockey- 93.787

Boys Volleyball- 93.709

Boys Golf- 093.593

Girls Volleyball- 93.538