Hi All:

 I am just writing to let you know that early this morning, before the
students arrived at school, an individual who appeared to possibly be
homeless, rang the bell to enter Countrywood Primary School. The assistant
principal responded to the door, and the man asked some questions about
local food pantries and registering his children for school. He then asked
the assistant principal for a cup of coffee, and she politely declined,
explaining that the school day would soon begin. The man left without
incident and walked north down Old Country Road. There's no reason for
concern or danger to our buildings, students, or staff, but we wanted you
to know of this interaction. We have driven the streets on and around the
school and see nothing out of the ordinary in the neighborhood. We have
also alerted our school resource officer and, of course, typical building
procedures and  practices will remain in place.

 Have a great weekend.

Dave Bennardo