Creative Thinking on Election Day


This past Tuesday, with schools closed for election day voting, the district’s art teachers elected to further their knowledge and explore the power of art in developing creative thinking and fueling 21st–century innovation.

In a special presentation sponsored by the Heckscher Museum of Art, K-12 art teachers from schools across Long Island were invited to spend the day exploring the power of art as an exciting approach to the Common Core.  Their day included touring the Museum’s Richard Gachot’s America and Long Island Biennial exhibitions.  Exhibiting artist Dee Shapiro spoke with the teachers about her interdisciplinary creative process. Artist Tullio DeSantis also joined the discussion via Skype, as participants discoverd the exciting 21st-century collaboration between these two artists.

The teachers were also one of the first to experience the Museum’s new interactive Action Painter digital drawing software on a 55-inch touchscreen.  This innovative program allows children to “paint” using paintbrushes that are sensitive to fingertip pressure.

The teachers left Heckscher energized by Patricia Miranda’s keynote address on making meaningful connections between art, science, history, and culture. Thank you Heckscher Museum for providing innovative programs for our teachers, as well as our students.