Hello All:

We just wanted to provide you with a "heads up" on an incident that took place this morning outside Silas Wood. A little while before arrival time, a disoriented man appeared on campus and was immediately intercepted by Mr. Toto. Mr. Toto asked if he could be of assistance, but the individual was unable to clearly communicate his intentions. Mr. Toto asked the individual to leave campus and even offered to help get him some help.

Unfortunately, the man double backed around the side of the building and remained on campus. At this point some teachers assisted in keeping track of the individual, and Mr. Toto called the police who responded to campus. The individual was taken into custody, and an ambulance was called to evaluate his condition. Although there was no danger to students or staff and the individual did not gain access to the building, there was a great deal of police and EMS activity. All is well at this point, and the Monday morning is progressing in typical fashion.

Please have a nice week.

Dave Bennardo