Hi All: 

As we are aware, the South Huntington School Community suffered a tragic loss on Monday with the passing of senior Maggie Rosales.  As we also know, the traditional Walt Whitman Homecoming and spirit activities are scheduled for this week.  We understand the preparation and anticipation required for these activities and remain equally sensitive to the grieving and pronounced sense of loss impacting members of our South Huntington family.  With this in mind we have taken steps to modify some of our traditional events and strike a balance between community activity and respectful observance of Maggie’s passing and funeral arrangements.   We realize that there are no perfect answers in this type of unspeakable situation and want very much to be as balanced and sensitive as possible with our scheduling.

In honor and respect for Maggie’s tragic passing, as well as her wake and funeral (to be held on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) the following adjustments are being made to spirit week.  Tomorrow (Thursday) will still be pajama day and there will still be a homeroom.  Penny Wars will continue and all proceeds will be donated to the Rosales family to support them during this difficult time.  The Powder Puff Football game will be played next Friday, October 24th at 2:30 PM. The dance has been rescheduled and will take place following the Powder Puff football game.  Friday’s Pep Rally has been modified and moved to have performances and team announcements coincide with the Bon Fire (6PM).  In addition, Maggie’s family has selected a few of her favorite songs to help include her life and spirit in Homecoming weekend.  Our Fall Sports teams will be announced as previously planned.  The weekend’s Homecoming parade, Hall of Fame dedication, and ballgames are proceeding as scheduled. 

Thank you for your kindness and understanding.

Dave Bennardo, Superintendent

Kathie Acker, Principal