Walt Whitman’s Boys Cross Country team ran themselves right into another League III Championship on Wednesday at Sunken Meadow State Park. There are always a couple schools with a couple great runners, but what makes the Wildcats and their coach Rob Conroy so successful, year in and year out, is the shear number of really good runners.  A quick scroll down the various events, as posted by Just-In-time Racing, shows just how consistent the Whitman Cross Country program places runners in top positions.

Next up are the Section XI Division Championships on October 21st, the Suffolk Frosh/Soph Championships on October 24th and the New York Section XI State Qualifier on October 31st.

Congratulations: Christopher BIAS, Thomas BLACKALL, Jonathan BRIGATI, Zachary BRUNO, Steven CIRAVOLO, John CREERON, Christopher DYBUS, Jonathan EICHNER, Connor GALVIN, Michael GIARRIZZO, Alec GONZALEZ, Matthew HARRIGAN, Mark HUSTEDT, Jonathan JULIANO, Jacob KAHRS, Jack KARMEN, Zachary LELLA, Graham LUNT, Brett MAIER, Chad MAIER, Tyler MALONE, Andrew MARTIN, Ryan MC ALLISTER, Ryan MC QUADE, Joseph MENDOZA, Michael MORCK, Benjamin NACE, Michael NAUGHTON, Shamar POWELL, Dylan RACANIELLO, Joshua ROILAND, Brett SCHANKIN, Raj SHAH, Aiden SMITH, Sean SMITH, Jonathan SPARLING, Perry TRIPI, Jonathan VITAL and Jack WROBEL.