Oakwood Second Graders Off to a Super Start



With the summer now well behind us, Oakwood’s second grade teachers are already taking on the changes, challenges, and rewards that a new school year always brings. Teachers began by organizing and decorating classrooms, settling old friends into new positions, and sharing the wonderful ways they relaxed over the summer vacation.

Our second grade teachers spent quite a bit of time becoming familiar with the newly acquired Foundations phonics and handwriting program and RTI model of intervention, as well as, welcoming the many new faces that now comprise their new 2014-14 class families.

Students began with a few quick tours throughout the building; the newly arrived students fell quickly into the routines of the classrooms and were thrilled to know they were finally the big kids on the block. Along with the many responsibilities they now had as role models, they found out they would get ‘grown up’ agenda books where they would copy their homework assignments, finally be in the school Sing-along’s, and be voted in as student reps by their peers.

It was only the first week or two of school, but as you walked by various rooms, the second graders could be heard chanting the alphabet and tapping out their sounds led by the Fundations owl; Echo. They were writing and carrying out classroom rules, reviewing various school, lunchroom, and snack policies, and thumbing their way through handwriting, health, and vocabulary booklets.

Student preparation for curriculum night included: all about me projects, self and family portraits, and welcome notes and journal entries left upon their desks for eager parents to see.  This exciting evening was certainly a success with its wonderful turnout of interested parents.  It gave teachers the opportunity to share with those eager moms and dads what their classrooms are like and what lies ahead for their second graders.

And so it begins… another year packed with new opportunities for learning, watching students grow both socially and academically, observing the blossoming of individual learning styles, creating and implementing instruction for every learner, and instilling a sense of pride and success in all of our students.

As always, we look forward to working with our PTA and reaching out to all of our classroom families by asking that we all work together to make each child’s second grade experience a wonderful one!