Birchwood Stars in Academic Pep Rally


Birchwood held its annual Academic Pep Rally during the week of September 15-18th.  This year’s theme was “Over the Rainbow!”  Throughout the week students and staff celebrated education by focusing on how working hard individually and with a team, sets the stage for success.   Teachers read the book, The World is Waiting for You by Barbara Kerley to the students.  The overall theme of the book illustrates how our interests and curiosity in our surroundings can lead to the bigger picture in our lives.

Birchwood students and teachers then brainstormed ideas on how they can achieve their goals.  Using the book, The World is Waiting for You, teachers encouraged their students to think of a goal they would like to achieve this year and then identify how they plan to achieve it.  On a cloud template, students wrote how they will achieve their goal in a thin marker and then lightly added color to their cloud. The clouds will be collected by class and displayed in the main hallway of Birchwood under the title, “The Sky is the Limit at Birchwood!”

To follow and build on the theme of “Over the Rainbow” each classroom discussed reasons why we work together to achieve goals and dreams.  Each class created an acrostic poem using the word: DREAM.  Together, on chart paper they wrote an acrostic poem that describes how working together can help to build, inspire, and accomplish their goals.  This poem reflected how the Birchwood spirit and joining together as a school and keeping our actions positive, can yield success.

Another special highlight of the week was our visit from the Whitman Varsity Competitive Dance Team, as well as a dance performance by Birchwood’s very own staff.  It was a great week and was accomplished with the fine work of the amazing Birchwood staff.

Congratulations to Birchwood’s finest dancers: Sarah Friedman, Ian “the Wildcat” Denson, Jackie Patino, Ilisa Guittard, Danielle Giannuzzi, Carrie Barbaccia, Christine Sepe, Melissa Marando, Elizabeth Weis, Caitlin Bishop, Jill Okurowski, Kristen Lally, Carolyn Crofton, Yadigar Saglam, Tracey Maddy, Jen DelGiorno, Linda Stauder, Jessica Flinn, Kristin Algierie, Carolina Gamonal, and Jen Provda.