Hi All:


It has been reported to us that two of our Maplewood students, while walking to the bus stop, encountered what they considered a suspicious man on the corner of Kellogg Place and Hunters Lane.  The individual, who they described as an older white male wearing a purple shirt, glasses and carrying a plastic bag, made eye contact with the young lady and young man, and then ran into the bushes.  The students quickly returned home and saw the man running from the area.  The incident has been reported to the Second Precinct, and there will be an increased police presence in the area after school.


Additionally, our administrative team will be increasing their presence in that area, and at the neighboring schools during dismissal today.   While no crime was committed and no contact made between the man and the students, we do think it is important that you have this information so we can all err on the side of caution. 


Also, several Birchwood students entered their bus this morning at the bus stop on Kane Court and 6th Avenue and reported that a man, who they know to be a neighbor, made threatening comments to them.  The driver reported that she saw the man urinating and then producing his middle finger as the bus passed.   Again, there was no direct threat and the students arrived safely to school.   The police have been notified, and we will have administrative and security presence in that area as well.    


Again, there is no immediate danger but it is best that we all err on the side of caution and be aware of this concern.   Rest assured that both the police and our team will be out and about in full force this afternoon.  Thank you to the students and parents for giving us notification of these issues.  


Be well,


Dave Bennardo

Superintendent of Schools