Project HOPE Keeps it Local


Walt Whitman English teacher Joseph L. Pipolo, and the coordinators of the Mercy Benefit Concert would like to extend their sincere gratitude to the South Huntington community for what turned out to be a hugely successful 17th annual event. The following is a letter recently sent to all those who helped make this a wonderful spotlight on the generosity of our community.


Walt Whitman High School

West Hills Road · Huntington Station, NY 11746


Thank you for such generosity and the willingness to participate in an incredibly significant cause.

Project HOPE, Helping Other People Eat, houses the homeless and gathers food for local pantries. The Project networks a team of volunteers to pick up and deliver foods that would otherwise be discarded as waste. We are talking about local pizzerias, bagel shops and bakeries at closing time. Several supermarkets in the neighborhood offer vegetables and fruit ready for slicing and soups. And, in its tenth year, HOPE is still extraordinarily successful but, sadly, very necessary. HOPE does all this in our community, our zip code. This is real help for our families of Huntington Station.

            Thank you for your part in making the optimism and promise in Project HOPE’s name more than mere sentiment.

            The 17th Annual Mercy Benefit Concert held at Walt Whitman High School on June 6th was a beautifully orchestrated and attended event. Over thirty remarkable musicians, henna tattoo artists, raffle, t-shirt, ticket sales volunteers and the very sweet and popular compliment booth, produced another startling reminder of how amazing South Huntington is. Hundreds of students, parents, teachers and administrators danced and delighted in the springtime fruitfulness of the night.

            Please smile today knowing that you made a very profound and palpable difference in this world, our immediate world.           

Peace and gratitude.

            Walt Whitman Mercy Benefit Coordinators