College-Bound Seniors Kick It Up a Notch


Wanting to take their sport to the next level, many Walt Whitman seniors have taken a proactive approach to keep playing the sport they love in college.  For many of our seniors, high school graduation at the end of the month doesn’t mean their dreams of playing intercollegiate college sports are over.

While we do get some students who are recruited into Division 1 sports, the majority of college athletes are not heavily recruited, and many are signed to play Division II or III. Many of our Whitman seniors who have committed to their respective colleges got together recently to be acknowledged by South Huntington Athletic Director Dr. Jim Wright.

Congratulations to the following students who are making the commitment to continue playing the sport they love:

Front row left to right: Hekmat Naieemi, Brockport State- Wrestling; Daniel Olsen SUNY Oswego- Track & Field; Patric Harrington, Stony Brook University- Lacrosse; Mike Garonne- Western New England College- Wrestling; Brianna DelColle- Morrisville State College- Soccer and Lacrosse; Nicole Kleet, Mercy College- Lacrosse; Christopher Olberding, Maritime College- Football; Olivia Beyel, Southeastern University- Soccer; Kristen Cummings, Molloy College- Soccer; Casey Martin, Suffolk Community College- Lacrosse; and Eddie Krakehl- Suffolk Community College- Lacrosse.

Back row left to right: Douglas Castro, SUNY Oswego- Track & Field; Ryan Wolff, Ithaca College- Lacrosse; Alex Keane, University of Connecticut- Lacrosse; Keith Morrissey, Ithaca College- Lacrosse; Anthony Feola, Maritime College- Football; Savion Black, Hartwick College- Football; Nick Isernia, SUNY Oswego - Baseball; Sam Esposito, Stevens Institute of Technology- Lacrosse; and Marcus Carde, Hunter College- Fencing.