Thank You South Huntington


We are pleased to announce that after last night's balloting the 2014–2015 South Huntington School District budget has been approved by an overwhelming majority of community residents. In addition, the ballot initiative, which provides the district the opportunity to utilize $460,170 in existing funds to repair and refurbish areas of Stimson Middle School, has also been accepted.  Finally, we are pleased to report the reelection of Mr. Jim Kaden and Ms. Lisa Brieff to three-year terms on the Board of Education. 

The faculty, staff, administration, and Board members would like to thank the South Huntington community for their tremendous support in this year's election. Rest assured, we understand the trust that you are placing in our school district and plan to make our students, parents, and staff incredibly proud for years to come. We take our responsibilities quite seriously and have every intention of providing each and every child with the maximum opportunity to succeed. There is a genuine Renaissance spirit awakening in South Huntington, and we know that the best days are ahead for this very special district.