On Tuesday night our South Huntington School District will be holding its annual Budget Vote. We firmly believe that the 2014–2015 budget strikes an important balance between true education needs and fiscal responsibility. We have worked to present a program that targets carefully identified areas for growth, while keeping a watchful eye on the economic future. As a result, we are proposing a budget that enhances our instructional programs, while maintaining a tax levy of 1.41% and an anticipated tax rate of 1.85%. This year’s ballot also has an additional initiative, which calls for the public to authorize the district's use of $460,170 in existing funds from prior land sales for the purposes of repairing and refurbishing areas of Stimson Middle School. Approval of this initiative allows us to allocate pre-existing money, which by state regulations can only be used for capital improvement purposes, to maintain our district assets. Fortunately, approval of this ballot initiative will come at no expense to the taxpayer and have absolutely no impact upon the tax levy or rate. You can find a copy of the PowerPoint public budget presentation at http://www.shufsd.org/NewsAssets/15817/Budget_Public_Hearing.pdf. Please also feel free to contact our administrative team with any questions you might have regarding this comprehensive plan. We remind everyone that our budget vote is scheduled for Tuesday, May 20, from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Walt Whitman High School.