PTA Reflections Celebrated



The 2013-2014 South Huntington PTA Reflections program celebrated their winners with a reception at the South Huntington Public Library on Monday evening. The program was sponsored by the South Huntington PTA Council. Reflections chairpersons Laura Palmieri and Theresa Clark began the evening by thanking each individual buildings chairperson for their tireless efforts. This was followed by the entertainment portion of the evening, which included a piano performance by Suffolk County Award of Excellence winner Leanne Haddock. Also from Walt Whitman High School, Alexis Darrow, Award of Excellence winner at both the Suffolk County and the New York State level for photography, painted a picture in the audience's minds as she described her award-winning photograph, presently on display in Albany.  

This year’s theme was "Believe. Dream. Inspire." The National PTA’s Reflections program is designed to encourage creative expression among children and youth. Congratulations for all of the wonderful entries, which exemplify the creative talent here in the South Huntington School District.

Program Winners

* Winner, Award of Excellence, Suffolk County

** Winner, Award of Excellence, New York State

*** Winner of both awards


Countrywood Primary Center

Dawn Churchman, chair

Film Production: Award of Excellence: Ethan Chun***

Literature: Awards of Excellence: Madison Caiazzo, Sofia Filler

Awards of Merit: Olivia Beck, Caitlin Hyers

Music: Award of Excellence: Aidan Hamilton

Photography: Awards of Excellence: Anthony DePalo, Ava Schlaich

Award of Merit: Sienna Long

Visual Arts: Awards of Excellence: Leah Lamay,  Theo  Martinez

Awards of Merit: Nathan Goldberg, Sophia Goldberg, Caitlin Hyers, Brooke Striga

Honorable Mention: Erica Chung, Madelyn Crocco, Colton Kraese, Harry Muellers


Oakwood Primary Center

Laura Palmieri, chair

Literature: Award of Excellence: Brooke Lynn Creamer

Photography: Awards of Excellence: Katelyn Adams, Emily Goldberg

Visual Arts: Award of Excellence: Christopher Boettger- Smolich*, Vincent Gulino

Awards of Merit: Chase Hinson, Owen Lockhart, Chelsea Murphy, Megan Rankel

Honorable Mention: Pratyush Das, Sophia Luebker, Kate O’Phelan, Peter Maniatis


Birchwood Intermediate School

Laurel Addis, chair

Literature: Award of Excellence: Adelrhany Georges***

Photography: Awards of Excellence: Ryan Luebker, Colin Murphy

Honorable Mention: Adelrhany Georges

Visual Arts: Awards of Excellence: Julia Crapanzano*, Akash (Alex) Joshi

Awards of Merit: Kaitlyn Barraco, Adelrhany Georges, Sarah Jacoutot, Matthew Meberg

Honorable Mention: Max Boise, Akash (Alex) Joshi, Thomas Matthews


Maplewood Intermediate School

Laura Morelli, chair

Dance Choreography: Awards of Excellence: Abby  Grant, Caitlin McKenna and Juliana Villela, and Megan Edelman and Michaela Rutigliano

Film: Awards of Excellence: Connor Hamilton, Michael McIndoo

Literature: Awards of Excellence: Daniella Padinha, Amanda Trifon

Awards of Merit: Bianco Russell, Kira Steffen, Abigail Tavera

Honorable Mention: Julia Rinaldi

Music: Award of Excellence: Sebastian Koch*

Photography: Awards of Excellence: Nicholas Campinelli, Aidan Greenberg

Awards of Merit: Alexandra Bombara, Dylan Long, Demitra Zolotas

Honorable Mention: Alexa Wilbrecht

Visual Arts: Awards of Excellence: Briana Rutolo*, Matthew Zapulla

Awards of Merit: Alexandra Fullerton, Mia Stampfel, Angelina Todaro

Honorable Mention: Hailey Crocco,  Jonathan Holleran, Gunnar Kraese, Alessandra Lella.


Silas/Stimson Middle School

Mary Abbene, chair

Dance: Award of Excellence: Melanie Yodice*

Award of Merit: Jamie Montague

Film Production: Award of Excellence: Sofiya Saykovska

Literature: Awards of Excellence: Joel Kaplan, Amanda Riha

Awards of Merit: Hailey Dearborn, Miguel Manzanares, Caleb Sullivan

Honorable Mention: Diana Fogel, Tyler Meyer, Logan Slansky

Music: Awards of Excellence: Max Eidinoff, Summer Levinsky

Photography: Awards of Excellence: Farrell Blum (2)***, Iza Choudrey*, Aidan Luebker

Awards of Merit: Nathan Blank, Hailey Dearborn

Visual Arts: Awards of Excellence: Heather Abbene*, Emma Edelman

Awards of Merit: Priya Katwala, Carly Manley, Eleni Papaiacovou

Honorable Mention: Justin Joachim, Leah Kahn, Aliana Wang, Subhana Zafar


Walt Whitman High School

Barbara Delli Carpini, chair

Literature: Awards of Excellence: Brian Davila, Thomas Younghans

Award of Merit: Jane Biedermann, Rebecca Sansotta, Natalie Migliore, Nicole Grennan

Honorable Mention: Sabrina Rossero, Catherine Bromley, Maryam Choudhary, Ahmad Shamulzai

Music: Award of Excellence: Leanne Haddock*

Photography: Award of Excellence: Alexis Darrow***, Taylor Fox

Award of Merit: Nicole Rowe

Visual Arts: Awards of Excellence: Valerie Abbene, Isabel Sakarin*

Award of Merit: Yoshitomo Kawasaki and Anali Nanavati