Knocking Down The Wall of Intolerance


Walt Whitman High School had the honor of hosting Compassion Without Borders today and thirty-seven Suffolk County high schools sent approximately 10 student ambassadors each along with varying levels of administrators.

The mantra of Compassion without Borders is that when we bring young people together, wonderful things happen!  In that spirit, we were excited to offer this opportunity for our students to collaborate on this year’s topic of Tolerance and Acceptance. Whitman’s leadership students and advisors worked tirelessly planning many of student-led workshops.  These workshops provided opportunities for students to exchange ideas and learn from one another.  These student ambassadors will then be empowered to enhance the academic and social climate of their schools in a positive way.

The workshop sessions addressed the following topics: Stereotypes and Judgment, Bullying and Cyber Bullying, Discrimination, and Self-Acceptance and Improving Your Environment.

After a welcome breakfast and registration, students filled the Performing Arts Center to hear keynote speaker Rohan Murphy. You could hear a pin drop as Mr. Murphy mesmerized the audience’s story.

Rohan Murphy is a young man who lost both of his legs at birth.  He began to wrestle during his freshman year of high school.  After a successful high school wrestling career he went on to wrestle at Penn State University.  In addition to wrestling, Rohan is an accomplished powerlifter who represents the United States in international competitions.

Rohan works to inspire young people to face challenges, overcome hardship, and to choose to behave in a healthy way.  As a professional motivational speaker, Rohan is not only able to inspire students by his actions, but also by his words.  Rohan’s life story is a gripping tale of adversity, dedication, and living life with a purpose.

News12 captured the closing ceremony and we will delve deeper into the Compassion Without Borders Student Leadership Conference in an updated story shortly.

Congratulations to all of the Walt Whitman administrators, teachers, staff and students who helped showcase this incredible high school.  

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