Judicial System on Display at Birchwood

Mr. Glen Vogel, AKA
Mr. Glen Vogel, AKA "Lawyer Dude," instructs the jury and takes their vote.
Two blind mice testify to what they ‘witnessed’
Two blind mice testify to what they ‘witnessed’


Will it be a fairytale ending for Goldilocks, or will she be sentenced to community service or possibly even prison for breaking the law? Birchwood’s fifth graders took part in "The Trial of Goldilocks," during which they were responsible for deciding Goldilocks’ fate.

For several weeks, two local attorneys, Mr. Glen Vogel, AKA "Lawyer Dude," and Suzanne Manaseri, AKA “Lawyer Lady,” introduced Birchwood’s fifth graders to our government’s judicial system by inviting them to participate in an actual trial. 

In "The Trial of Goldilocks," defendants such as Goldilocks’ parents, her best friend Little Red Riding Hood, Sly Fox, Rocky Raccoon, and Wise Old Owl, to name a few, took the stand to convince a group of fifth-grade jurors that Goldilocks did not trespass and cause destruction to the home of Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear.

The witnesses, namely The Bear Family, Big Bad Wolf, Blind Mouse, Chicken Little, and Gingerbread Boy, took the stand to prove Goldilocks’ guilt. A full courtroom enjoyed a wonderfully witty and creative story acted out by an equally fabulous group of Birchwood’s fifth graders, who were able to develop an understanding of how a trial unfolds through acting. All participants benefited from this fun, interactive learning experience.