Merci aux étudiants de Français à Whitman

Ms. Rentz (left) and Dr. Geralde Eikenaar-Klang (right), are proud of their students.
Ms. Rentz (left) and Dr. Geralde Eikenaar-Klang (right), are proud of their students.

Walt Whitman French Language students visited Silas Wood Sixth Grade Center recently where they led classes in the basics of the French language and culture. Students in Ms. Rentz's World Language class were very attentive and enthusiastic and went home with a better idea about the French program awaiting them at Stimson and Whitman if they choose.

“What struck me the most was the sixth graders' eagerness to discover and learn the language,” said Whitman French Teacher Dr. Geralde Eikenaar-Klang. “Most of them asked very relevant questions such as "How difficult is it to learn French?" and "How useful is it for my future?" Each class systematically challenged the high school students to engage in a conversation in French among themselves, demonstrating their ability to speak the language. Subsequently, the sixth graders were very impressed with this exchange.”

The sixth graders were all amazed to find out that 40% of English vocabulary derives from the French language. They were equally interested to learn how the study of French will enhance their grammar skills and greatly improve their scores on the verbal section of the SAT.                                

This was a valuable opportunity for both the high school students and sixth graders. The high school students acquired first hand experience as teachers while the sixth graders attained knowledge that will enable them to make an educated decision when it's time to choose a language.

Félicitations à tous ceux qui y ont participé!"