Little People’s Theater Finishes Musical Run

A special thank you to Music Director Roy Sperrazza, and Director Linda R. Hulley.
Left to right: Megan Montemurro, Olivia Giarratano, April Fallon, Samantha Carey, Kristen Schmidt, Keara Shea, Zachary Slansky, Kayla Grande, Pamela Carey, Logan Slansky, Marielle Hammond, Kelly Conlon, Hannah Karkari, Tyler Zeoli, Linda R. Hulley, and Roy Sperrazza.
The Wolfettes provided perfect backup singing to Tyler Zeoli’s Big Bad Wolf.
Left to right: Kayla Grande, Samantha Carey, Pamela Carey, Logan Slansky, and Kelly Conlon.
The Boy Who Cried Wolf, played by Pamela Carey, has some strong words for the Big Bad Wolf, played by Tyler Zeoli.
Front row: Kelly Conlon, and Keara Shea. Back Row: Pamela Carey, Zachary Slansky, Logan Slansky, and Samantha Carey.

On Sunday, January 26th the Little People’s Theater presented “The Big Bad Musical” at the Huntington Public Library. Tickets sold out within minutes once they went online and the standing-room-only crowd was treated to song, dance, and many laughs by the cast that included students from South Huntington, Harborfields, and Huntington.

The one-hour play is based on a court case that attempts to bring a group of charges against the Big Bad Wolf. The court drama/comedy unfolds as witnesses testify against the Big Bad Wolf, including the 3 little Pigs, Fairy Godmother, Little Red Riding Hood, Grandmother Hood, the Shepherdess, the Woodcutter, and the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

It turns out that Big Bad Wolf is a vegan and the twists and turns had the audience guessing as well as laughing. A special thank you to Music Director Roy Sperrazza, and Director Linda R. Hulley. This was the last presentation of the play “The Big Bad Musical” that included seven presentations in the month of January. The Little People’s Theater will be presenting the production of “Mad Matt’s Fanciful Hats” in May and June. 

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