A Message From Superintendent Bennardo


I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and finding some time to reflect upon the true essence of the holiday. Dr. King's message is one of peace, hope, and cooperative spirit. His measured, contemplative approach to horrible injustice provides an example of leadership that endures well into the 21st Century. Dr. King was a brilliant motivator who inspired people to reach for "the greater angels in their souls" at a time when our nation struggled to fulfill the principles of its own Declaration of Independence. 

It is remarkable to note that Dr. King's immeasurable power to change history was born not from the sword but from a brilliant oratory style and uncanny ability to articulate a worthy vision. Dr. King possessed discipline and intestinal fortitude, which allowed him to endure considerable hardship, while keeping his eyes focused squarely on the value of the struggle.  He inspired a generation to think differently and challenged our nation to look deep inside itself at centuries-old beliefs and behaviors.

While this remarkable leader was taken from us far too soon, I have to believe that he would be proud of our community today. Although we are far from perfect, there is a genuine open-mindedness and collective spirit alive in the South Huntington School District. Our diversity is a gift that makes us strong and the people of this community provide a shining example of the possibilities inherent in Dr. King's dream. 

Be well

Dave Bennardo