Great Music and Food Opens First PTA Council Meeting of 2014

Eliza Wong had the audience spellbound.
Eliza Wong had the audience spellbound.

At Monday’s monthly PTA Council meeting, PTA Council President Dominic LeClaire had the pleasure of opening the first meeting of the New Year by introducing the Walt Whitman Chamber Orchestra. Conducted by Mr. Frank Yolango, this special group of talented musicians captivated the audience including an unforgettable Violin solo by Whitman junior Ms. Eliza Wong.

Congratulations to the following Chamber Orchestra members: Violin: Eliza Wong, Nick Pinelli, Alex Alpy, Jennifer Fenwick, Kelsey De Rosa, Olivia Banting, Victor Chae, Mindy Lin, and Julia Persaud. Viola: Jackie Sauer, Tyler Zeoli, Francine Sauer, Christina Bogdani, and Cheyenne Madrid. Cello: Chris Consolo, Teddy Fisher, Margaret Pigliacelli, and Anastasia Alpy. Bass: James Vigneau.

A special thank you to Mr. Frank Yolango for his incredible dedication in promoting the musical talents of our students.

The meeting also had a short presentation from Ms. Elissa Weick, Manager of Projects and Special Events at Long Island Harvest. Island Harvest is the largest hunger relief organization on Long Island. By relying on volunteers, in-kind services, and donated food, more than 95 cents of every dollar contributed directly to their programs.  There are many volunteer programs both for adults and students. You may contact Ms. Weick directly at: 

Please join us for the next PTA Council meeting on Monday, February 3, 2014 at 10AM in the District Office.