Birchwood Rocks The House


Birchwood Intermediate School sent their students home for the holidays with their annual Band of Teachers Concert. Well, not technically all teachers, but the Birchwood family is a happy, welcoming bunch all the same. Leading the students in all of their holiday favorites, Birchwood teacher Steve Corbellini took to the crowds encouraging audience participation and he was not disappointed. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to the entire Birchwood Family.

Enjoy the slide show:

Photo Gallery

Musicians listed alphabetically by last name:

Steve Corbellini - vocals

Liz Correll - vocals

Carolina Gamonal - vocals

Michelle Gruttadauria - vocals

Ilisa Guittard - vocals

Peter Hewlett - guitar/vocals

Janet Holly - sleigh bells

Randy Ivans (husband of Donna in main office) - piano

Paul Kosak - bass/vocals

Pat Vertucci (good friend of Paul’s)- drums

Sarah Weiss - sleigh bells