Musicians Highlight PTA Council Holiday Luncheon



It was a two-for-one, according to band and ensemble director Mr. Allan Dietz. Within the Walt Whitman Wind Ensemble, you will find the members of the Jazz Band, so Monday morning’s performance to open the PTA Council’s annual holiday meeting and luncheon featured music from both groups of talented musicians. PTA Council members, school delegates, school administrators, and Board of Education members, as well as community members, were treated to an assortment of musical classics that were a taste of what will be on full display at Whitman’s Winter Concert Series.

Beginning on December 16 and continuing on December 17 and 19, instrumental and choral groups will put on a display of musical talent that is guaranteed to put a smile on even old Scrooge's face. All concerts begin at 7:30 PM in Whitman’s Performing Arts Center.


Monday Dec. 16: Concert Band, Freshman Chorus, Concert Orchestra

Tuesday Dec 17: Voices of Whitman, Whitman Chorale, Women's Chorus

Thursday Dec 19: Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble.

Congratulations to the following talented musicians who performed at the PTA Council Holiday luncheon:  Alexa Arthur, Matt Kayden, Emily DiLillo, Taylor Parrish, Ariel Khatchatourian, Shayna Pehel, Christina McFelia, Rebecca Shaiman, Anali Nanavati, Ellen Tricomi, Linda Powell, Umaimah Saleemi, Keya Bartolomeo, Corey Cook, Mary Rose Stone, David Grey, Gabrielle Vital, Courtney Yodice, Katelyn Neuman , Melanie Schwartz, Ruby Bafu , Jonathan Sparling, Kate Manson, Joseph Connolly, Paige Gladstone, Michael Hoch, Derek Lap, George Marr, David Hamilton, Joon Ko, Margaret Nostrand, Dana Roach, Kevin Shepherd, Daniel Alcantara, Nicole Grennan, Alexis Higuera-Ambriz, Nolan Braun, Patrick Zakrzewski, Anfernee Aiken, Lauren Connolly, Michael DiMaulo, Greg Ledbetter, William Flood, Josh Renderos, Andrew Gonzales, Samantha Shaiman, Jefferson Hector, Jack Zuckerberg, Josh Kaplan, Jack Schatten , Colin Sherland, Brittany White, Josh Devaraj, James Reilly, Jeremy Williams, Emily, Ferrante, Greg Ahlsen, and Austin Salas.

Slideshow from today's performance: Photo Gallery