Walt Whitman High School Needs Your Support!


Walt Whitman High School Needs Your Support!

The time is now!

Our school is committed to keeping you safe on the road, and that’s why we’re participating in Celebrate My Drive®, a program that’s all about celebrating the fun of getting your driver’s license while helping you drive safely so you arrive safely.  What’s really sweet about participating in this program is you can also help our school win $100,000….and possibly a concert by Grammy Award winner Kelly Clarkson right here in our own town!  It’s simple:

  • •Log onto www.celebratemydrive.com

  • •On the next screen type your email address and date of birth

  • •Next screen select New York State, Huntington Station, 11746

  • •Choose affiliation on the next screen select Walt Whitman High School

  • •Next summit you are done!

 Note you will need to vote each day until October 26, 2013

Once each day with every email address on Driver Safety that benefit our children and students.

  The more safe driving commitments we make, the better chance we have to win $100,000 and host the concert.

But wait….there’s more!

Your friends and family members who are 14 and older can support Walt Whitman High School  and safe driving, too.  Let's make this happen. YES