Birchwood Stars in Academic Pep Rally


Birchwood held its annual Academic Pep Rally during the week of September 20th-September 26th.  This year’s theme was You are a Shining Star! Throughout the week students and staff celebrated education by focusing on how working hard individually and with a team sets the stage for success.   Teachers read the book, You Be You written by Linda Kranz to the students.  The overall theme of the book is that there are special qualities that make you who you are and to celebrate others’ differences.

Students received a star template and were asked to write something on each ray that highlights what makes them a shining star.  The stars are displayed in the hallway following the theme – Birchwood’s Shining Stars!  In addition each class was given a large cut-out of a sun to post on their classroom door. On the sun, students collectively wrote ways Birchwood can depend on them. The students also saw a motivational video entitled, “Shining Star,“ which focused on the message that we can all support each other to become better decision makers.

It becomes important to us to foster three things: ATTITUDE, RESPECT and DETERMINATION.  Our attitude will shape so many decisions we make. The more positive our outlook is, the more we keep pushing through difficulties.  The more we learn, the more we practice, the better our ability becomes.  Kids need to know that they can rise to high levels and achieve so many great things.  Another special highlight of the week was our visit from the Whitman Kick Line and a dance performance by Birchwood’s very own staff.  It was a great week and was accomplished with the fine work of the amazing Birchwood staff.