Senior Chix Take Powder Puff


It’s easily one of the best-attended evenings of the year, and from the looks on everyone’s faces, it's easy to see why the annual Powder Puff football game between senior and junior girls is so popular. Both sides battled back and forth with the seniors holding a small 21-18 lead at halftime.

The halftime entertainment show was something that you just don’t see every day. While there was, thankfully, no wardrobe malfunctions, just watching our senior boys dressed-up as girls, dancing and prancing while the hundreds of fans and players cheered them on for more, was a sight to behold.  And, to make it all that much more entertaining, the junior boys had their turn in the middle of the field as well. The senior boys stole the show, winning the judges favor.

The second half of action on the football field proved as exciting as the first. The senior girls, bolstered by the late addition of the varsity girl’s soccer players (whose game had just ended on a nearby field) went on a scoring rampage.  As time expired the seniors came out on top 46-21. Spirit week in South Huntington continues, congratulations Walt Whitman students on a fantastic evening!