Turning Words Into Action


When Gabrielle Pastore and her parents happened upon a booth at a local fair, they got talking with the woman who was selling hair bows to raise funds for her granddaughter Madilyn Gettis.  Maddie’s grandma explained how her granddaughter was born with a congenital heart defect and all the surgeries she was going to have to go through in her life. Maddie’s dad is in the Military and while they have wonderful health insurance, many other families struggle financially due to this serious defect.  The money raised goes to help those families.

Gabrielle, listening to the conversation, was taking it all in, and it spurred her into action. She organized students from Countrywood who created a lemonade stand.  Word spread quickly and over a dozen children were selling lemonade for this wonderful cause. The children were so excited and so proud of themselves, raising $51 that they donated to the Mend Maddie’s Heart Foundation. If you would like to learn more about Maddie, go to: mendmaddiesheart.com. Congratulations to Gabrielle and her friends, they make South Huntington proud!