Stimson 8th Grade Awards Night


Stimson Middle School recently held their 8th grade awards night as they prepare to send an exceptional group of students to Walt Whitman High School in the fall. Congratulations to the following students:

Joaquin Forno Art Bronze Medal
Elizabeth Hardwick Art Silver Medal
Jemin Ren Art Gold Medal

Lesly Carabantes English Bronze Medal
Mark Meneses English Bronze Medal
Magdalena Polaco Moran English Bronze Medal
Laura Altieri English Silver Medal
Antony Benitez English Silver Medal
Ronald Nativi Ulloa English Silver Medal
Trevor Aucone English Gold Medal 
Ifedayo Balogun English Gold Medal
Abdjine Lemaitre English Gold Medal
Shelbi Wuss English Gold Medal

Mark Meneses Math Bronze Medal
Michael O Donohoe Math Bronze Medal
Karthikeyan Mayilvahanan Math Silver Medal
Kevin Garay Math Silver Medal
Alexander Clopper Math Gold Medal
Alexander Fernandez Math Gold Medal
Sai Patibandla Math Gold Medal

Delaney Fico Music Bronze Medal - General Music
Daniella Mattutat Music Silver Medal - General Music
Michael Morck II Music Gold Medal - General Music
Joshua Devaraj Music Bronze Medal - Band
Jillian Leydon Music Silver Medal - Band
John Sterbens Music Gold Medal - Band
Shealyn Naughton Music Bronze Medal - Chorus
Samuel Hoffman Music Silver Medal - Chorus
Lauren Giglio Music Gold Medal - Chorus
Christina Bogdani Music Bronze Medal - Orchestra
Hannah Graff Music Silver Medal - Orchestra
Anastasia Alpy Music Gold Medal - Orchestra

Olivia Poplawski PE Gold Medal - Girls
Anna Rizzo PE Gold Medal - Girls
Shelbi Wuss PE Gold Medal - Girls
Blake Aronson PE Gold Medal - Boys
Michael Morck II PE Gold Medal - Boys
Sean Zagorski PE Gold Medal - Boys

Michael Donohue Science Bronze Medal
Sophie Markell Science Bronze Medal
Nosheib Jadoon Science Silver Medal
Karthikeyan Mayilvahanan Science Silver Medal
Matthew Bromschwig Science Gold Medal
Hannah Graff Science Gold Medal
Keyshaun Rossi Science Gold Medal

Sophie Markell Social Studies Bronze Medal
Michael Morck II Social Studies Bronze Medal
Bianca Mc Millen Social Studies Silver Medal
Shelbi Wuss Social Studies Silver Medal
Hannah Graff Social Studies Gold Medal
Elizabeth Taylor Social Studies Gold Medal
Danielle Wechsler Social Studies Gold Medal

Marcus Zaiff Technology Bronze Medal
Paige Tortorice Technology Silver Medal
Karthikeyan Mayilvahanan Technology Gold Medal

Ilana Desmond WLanguage Bronze Medal - Spanish
Aleyda Garcia WLanguage Bronze Medal - Spanish
Marvin Hidalgo WLanguage Bronze Medal - Spanish
Kayla Soulias WLanguage Bronze Medal - Spanish
Brittney Coleman WLanguage Silver Medal - Spanish
Omar Ramos WLanguage Silver Medal - Spanish
Avia Wildman WLanguage Silver Medal - Spanish
Marcus Zaiff WLanguage Silver Medal - Spanish
Alexander Clopper WLanguage Gold Medal - Spanish
Kevin Garay WLanguage Gold Medal - Spanish
Omar Rubio WLanguage Gold Medal - Spanish
Shelbi Wuss WLanguage Gold Medal - Spanish
Neyda Diaz Vilorio WLanguage Bronze Medal - French
Hannah Graff WLanguage Silver Medal - French
Christina Bogdani WLanguage Gold Medal - French
Chase Pugatch WLanguage Bronze Medal - Italian
Paige Tortorice WLanguage Bronze Medal - Italian
Nicholas Miata WLanguage Silver Medal - Italian
Danielle Wechsler WLanguage Silver Medal - Italian
Michael O Donohoe WLanguage Gold Medal - Italian
Justin Ullman WLanguage Gold Medal - Italian

Vincent Pastore Mr. Stimson                 

Karthikeyan Mayilvahanan Mr. Stimson                 
Sophie Markell Ms. Stimson                 
Paige Tortorice Ms. Stimson                 

Kevin Mc Nulty Grades K-8 Perfect Attendance
Shealyn Naugton Grades K-8 Perfect Attendance

Ally Gottesman New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli's Student Achievement Award                  

Vincent Pastore Physical Education Suffolk Zone - Boys
Rebecca De Witt Physical Education Suffolk Zone - Girls

Karthikeyan Mayilvahanan Daughters of the American Revolution                  
Kassidy Dunn Daughters of the American Revolution