Wildcat Booster Club Scholarships Awarded


At the recent Wildcat Booster Club Class of 2013 Gold Key and Scholarship Awards, student athletes were presented scholarships from the Wildcat Booster Club.  Club President Ms. Donna Grennan would like to thank the community for supporting Wildcat Booster Club Fundraising events. Funds raised from these events provide scholarships for our graduating seniors, sports awards for our Walt Whitman and Stimson athletes, the purchase of equipment not funded by the district, financial support to assist athletes competing in State or National events and other contributions to our athletic program.

Enjoy the photo Gallery from the awards ceremony:

Photo Gallery

Congratulations to the following Wildcat scholarship winners:

Wildcat Sportswoman of the Year Scholarship  
(Sponsor: Booster Club)
Jackie Crunden

Wildcat Sportsman of the Year Scholarship   
(Sponsor: Booster Club)
Zack Cammer

Wildcat Booster Club Presidential Scholarship – Female   
(Sponsor: Booster Club)
Kelly Bilodeau

Wildcat Booster Club Presidential Scholarship – Male  
(Sponsor: Booster Club)
Nick Wurtz

Wildcat Leadership Scholarship – Female   (Sponsor: Booster Club)

Alexandra O’Toole

Wildcat Leadership Scholarship – Male  (Sponsor: Booster Club)

Mitchell Bermudez

HBC Soccer Scholarship Award for Sportsmanship – Male

Derek Bustamante

HBC Soccer Scholarship Award for Sportsmanship – Female

Kensey Portman

Wildcat Pride Scholarship - Sara Marchesiello

Wildcat Pride Scholarship -Robert Gallipoli

Wildcat Booster Club Gold Key Scholarship – Male (formerly Art Mitchell Scholarship)                                    

James Vallar

Wildcat Booster Club Gold Key Scholarship – Female (formerly Art Mitchell Scholarship)

Casey File

Athletic Director’s Scholarship– Male  (Sponsor: Booster Club)

Vincent Colapinto

Athletic Director’s Scholarship- Female  (Sponsor: Booster Club)

Selena Ortiz

WWHS Alumni Football Scholarship -Rick Rizzo

Gugliotta Basketball Scholarship - Kieran Elmore

Luke Avolese Football Scholarship - Kieran Elmore

Luke Avolese Basketball Scholarship - Kevin Forland

Wildcat Booster Club Executive Board

Donna Grennan President

Christine Dixon Vice President/ Whitman

Allison Bermudez Treasurer

Jayne O’Toole Corresponding Secretary

Bunny Harrington Recording Secretary

Cathy Bilodeau Board Member

Patti Kielawa Board Member

Brian McEntee Board Member

MaryRose Senecal Board Member

Debbie Adams-Kaden Board Advisor

Bob Fregenti Past President