Gold Key Awards Highlight Consistency and Dedication


The prestigious Gold Key awards were handed out on Thursday evening at the annual South Huntington Gold Key Scholarship and Sports Hall of Fame dinner. This award goes to student athletes who have demonstrated outstanding athletic participation by lettering in a combination of eight Junior Varsity or Varsity seasons in grades 10-12 at WWHS.

Introducing the 2012-13 Recipients

Sean Breen, Julia Cranz, Jacqueline Crunden, Casey File, Meghan Powers, Rafael Reyes, Arjun Shah, Zachary Cammer, Casey Miller, Kevin Rivera, Noelle Pilger, Michael Damato, Kevin Forland, Frank Coleman, Vincent Colapinto, Matthew Rebolini, Alex O’Toole, Essence Casey, Brian Windisch, James Vallar, Angela Acevedo, Kensey Portman, Victoria Weisser, Asha Burwell, Raleigh Axmacher, Christine Yasinsky, Amanda Natale, and Chyna Jones.

Congratulations Athletes!

Visit the Gold Key Gallery:

Photo Gallery

Additional awards from the evening will be added to the Website so be sure to check back later!