Whaling Museum Catches Birchwood Fish


Birchwood Art teacher Vicki Dollin has been busy with her students and a project titled 'My Fish.' Ms Dollin had her students design their own fish using Craypas for the center of the body and a tissue paper collage as the fins. The students used watercolor for the ocean background, sandwiching the fish between construction paper seaweed to illustrate "overlapping" and a 3D look.

The Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum is just a short drive and in the middle of a wonderfully historic village. There's lots to see, take a walk and enjoy the harbor, and of course, the ‘My Fish' exhibit at the Whaling Museum.

The following students' works are displayed:

Anyi Maldonado Lara, Victoria Isernia, Angelina McMullen, Ira dubay, Bernadette Bakke, Arden Supek, Keisy Valencia, Lana Maniatis, Kevin Rankel, Carly McEntee, Samantha Panzella, and Ariana Firouznia.

The work will be on display until the end of June!