Walt Whitman Presents the Michael S. Curtin Awards

Kyle Perez being congratulated on his Michael S. Curtin Award.
Kyle Perez being congratulated on his Michael S. Curtin Award.

Sergeant Michael S. Curtin was appointed to the NYPD in January 1988 after serving 12 years in active duty in the United States Marine Corps. He was originally assigned to the Emergency Services Unit in 1991, but his police career was interrupted when he was called to duty during Desert Storm.  Serving on the front lines, he held the rank of gunnery sergeant, and he retired from the reserves as a sergeant major. After returning to the NYPD, he responded to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and was assigned to the Oklahoma City rescue efforts. He was promoted to sergeant in 1995. Sargeant Curtin subsequently served as a security guard at Walt Whitman High School. On September 11, 2001, he was called into action and tragically perished during World Trade Center rescue efforts. 

In Sergeant Curtin's honor, the Michael S. Curtin Awards are presented to students who were nominated by their teachers for demonstrating exemplary citizenship. Rather than emphasizing academics or athletics, these awards focus on character and compassion. They are about how students live their daily lives and how much they do for others without asking for anything in return. They are about what makes Whitman such a special place, and what makes South Huntington such a special community. 

Congratulations to:

Angela M. Acevedo, Christopher E. Ahearn, Elizabeth Ann Aiello, Danielle Alicea-Adams, Cody Richard Gerdes Apollonia, Jerson Araujo, Sara Ashraf, Dorothy Armelle Aubry, Raleigh Axmacher, Nicholas J. Baumann, Mitchell Lloyd Bermudez, Charles S. Bentler, Marissa Booher, Sean W.R. Breen, Kristina Victoria Brigati, Asha N. Burwell, Kimberly S. Caceres, Zachary S. Cammer, Victoria Ashley Cancel, Danielle Canniff, Shavon E. Carbon, Emma A. Cary, Essence Casey, Jonathan Michael Clough, Patrick G. Conlon, Sean Conlon, Nicholas D’Souza, Michael Damato, Brittany Davi, William Wallace De Blasio, Jack De Palo, Matthew Del Signore, Dylan J. Delacruz, Kelvin Delgado, Brian T. Donatich, Stephen Edward Dybus, Christopher Robert Emproto, Olman Fanuel Figueroa, Casey Lynn File, Emily Fisher, Maria De Angeles Flores, Amy Gallina, Robert L. Galvin, Yasmin Anai Garcia, Daniel L. Gibbons, Roger Gonzalez, Demmi Guevara, Rachel Guida, Mohammad Halimi, Kyle Henson, Thomas Matthew Hughes, Sameer Jalili, Justin William Jimenez, Andrew T. Jones, Kaylin Amanda Lamb, Kitty Le Claire, Jennifer Lucarelli, Kate Mallinson, Kevin Manning, Scott R. Martin, Blanca Martinez, Gregory Reese Marvin, Hayley Alexandra Mena, Yesenia,, Menjivar Vela, Sean Milanese, Jayme Ann Mintz, Jessica Danielle Mintz, Kei Miyaguchi, Christopher Carlo Nardelli Amanda Nicole Natale, Mackenzie P. O’Brien, Jessie Lynn O’Hagan, Chirag Panchal, Isabelle Rose Paolillo, Caitlin A. Pasterak, Heli Patel, Kyle Perez, Joseph Adam Pinsker, Giacomina Pirolo, Kimberly Nicole Prestin, Matthew W. Rebolini, Rafael Reyes, Sarah Richmond, Kevin Rivera, Edwin Rodriguez, Stephanie Romano, Maria M. Santos, Stephanie Rose Sawyer, Ryan Scanlon, Aaron T. Schmitz, Bilal H. Shah, Dwayne Spencer Sherland, Antonio John Silveri, Kirsten Amelia Smith, Lisa Gabriela Sorto, Joseph A. Umberto II, James J. Vallar, Janery Vasquez, Louis Walter, Kellyjane Watson, Rashid Wells, Ian Matthew Zakow, and Nicholas Zonin.

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