Whitman Business Students Awarded

left to right: Ryan Scanlon, Principal Kathie Acker, Jacqueline Calamari, Lee Nober, Lisa Sorto, Rob Callahan, and Tiara Crudupt.
left to right: Ryan Scanlon, Principal Kathie Acker, Jacqueline Calamari, Lee Nober, Lisa Sorto, Rob Callahan, and Tiara Crudupt.

Berkeley College has recognized four Walt Whitman students for their success in business classes at the high school. These fine young students all ‘get it’ when it comes to understanding how important a thorough knowledge of business is to everyday life. Business classes at Whitman place an emphasis on research, creative problem solving, team building, and presentation skills. Congratulations to Ryan Scanlon, Jacqueline Calamari, Lisa Sorto and Tiara Crudupt.

“As president of Walt Whitman DECA as well as the Suffolk County DECA Chapter, Jackie Calamari’s name is synonymous with business achievement,” said Whitman business teacher Mr. Lee Nober. Jackie won an Award of Achievement from Berkeley College. “The business classes at Whitman open your mind to new ideas about what you may want to do for a career,” said Jacqueline. “There are also many business areas you learn about that you may want to major in in college. Since everything you do is really ‘business,’ these courses better prepare you for the real world.” Jackie will be attending Bryant University in the fall.

“Tiara Crudupt, who won a Perseverance Award, is all about overcoming obstacles, never quitting, and ultimately succeeding,” said her teacher Mr. Nober. “She has a natural sense for business.”  “At first I had no idea if I would even like business,” said Tiara. “Then I took Mr. Nober’s class, and I love it. I found that I really like sports management, and I want to go to college and pursue that as a major.”  Tiara has been accepted into a couple of colleges, and she is holding out to see if she will get into the sports management program at Farmingdale College. “Writing essays in my business classes has helped me in other areas as well,” added Tiara. “Writing my college application letters and writing essays for my English class have both benefitted because of what I learned in Mr. Nober’s class.” 

When it comes to business classes at Walt Whitman, teacher Mr. Rob Callahan is always inspiring his student to do better, challenging them to excel. Two of Mr. Callahan’s students were among the four who received Berkeley College recognitions.

“I recommended Ryan Scanlon for the achievement award because he is a hard-working student and really gets what business is all about,” said Mr. Callahan. “Ryan should be very successful in his business career.” “You can definitely get a good sense of where you want to go in your career when you take business classes at Whitman,” said Ryan. “I will be an accounting major in college and would also like to become a golf pro.” Ryan will be attending Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina.

“Business is in everything you do, so I started taking these courses as soon as I got to Whitman,” said Lisa Sorto, Mr. Callahan’s recommendation for a Perseverance Award. “Lisa works really hard and knows what it takes to get the job done,” said Mr. Callahan. “She comes from a business background in her family, she asks a lot of questions, and no matter what you throw at her she just keeps coming back, working to accomplish what she needs to do.”

“Between my business classes and being a member of DECA for a few years, I was able to explore other areas that I might not have otherwise,” said Lisa. “I help with my family’s landscaping business, with all of the paperwork that’s needed to run a small business, so understanding and even enjoying accounting is important because it applies to so much of what you do in business.” Lisa will be attending the School of Nursing at Nassau Community College in the fall.

Congratulations to these fine students and their dedicated teachers!