Walt Whitman’s World Language teachers Ms. Hindes, Ms. D'Addario, and Ms. Cardillo are proud to share the results of the National Spanish Exam that was administered to students in honors and experienced Spanish classes during the month of March. The majority of the students were 9th- and 10th-graders and had volunteered to take the exam.  This two-period exam was given in the computer lab and comprised of an achievement and a proficiency section.  The exam tests student’s knowledge of grammar and listening and reading skills.

2013 National Spanish Exam winners:

Teacher: Fiona Cardillo—Level 2

Oro- Gold; Danerah Pierre.

Bronce- Bronze; Jasmine Erfan and Hamza Mahmood.

Honorable mention; Julia Drum, Colleen Sweezey, Alicia Litt, Viridiana Calvillo Conejo, and Rosa Garcia.

Teacher: Aileen D'Addario- Spanish 10H

Plata- Silver: Paola Cespedes and Zarmeen Mussa.

Honorable Mention: Kristen Cardascia, Connor Galvin, Sumona Halder, Russell Kielawa, Ryan McAllister, Nefertiti Samba, Mindy Lin, Yanira Aguilar, and Ayumi Shiraishi.

Teacher: Yonit Hindes
—level 2 and 3

Plata- Silver: Cindy Aparicio

Bronce- Bronze: Nikolette Bellocchio, Jason Medina Moctezuma, and Greta Salgueromorales.

Honorable mention: Danielle Dellaccio, Cheyenne Madrid, Amanda Moletz, Misha Patel, Ashley Weisser, Stephanie Echevarria, Elizabeth Cruz, Emily Manheim, Bridget McHale, Katelyn Neuman, Julia Persaud, Carla Turcios, Rafael Fernandez, Eder Estrada, Cynthia Garcia, Monica Henriquez, and Jose Saravia Jr.